Lata_-_Graciosa_Bay_-_thumb.jpgTemotu is the one province that none of the nine original creators of 'Exploring Solomons' ever visited (as far as I'm aware) and so we originally didn't have anything to include on this page. However, it's now filling up nicely ...

TInakula volcano

Here are some links to a venture that apparently is running tours to Tinakula volcano: http://tinakula.com/ and http://tinakula.blogspot.com/. I don't know anything about it but it looks pretty good. If anyone tries it out, please write it up for others.

Graciosa Bay

Click here for several photos of Graciosa Bay, Santa Cruz island (courtesy of Decima Sesebo Regatule - tangio tumas kaka Dessie!).

Med Student's trek to a spectacular waterfall

A med student who stayed in Lata in late 2007 gives a hilarious description of his half-day trek out to a waterfall that, from the description, sounds spectacular.

He's got some awesome pictures in a later blog entry:

And you can also see his YouTube video footage at: http://imamedicalstudentgetmeoutofhere.blogspot.com/2007/11/bringing-islands-to-life.html

Anuta Island

Hit the link below for the transcript of the BBC's "Tribe" program on the Anuta island community. If the link doesn't work, click here for the text.


Click the link below or here for a review of Julian Treadaway's book "The Allure of Tikopia" by Tarcisius Tara Kabutaulaka.

The lost ships of La Perouse

The ships of the French explorer La Perouse (the Astrolabe and the Boussole) were wrecked near Vanikoro, one of the islands of Temotu. See:

Languages of Santa Cruz

For anyone interested in the languages of Santa Cruz (particularly the Natqgu language), check out: http://nflrc.hawaii.edu/ldc/December2007/boerger/boerger.html

Lata and the Reef Islands

I have had the privilege of 2 visits to Temotu, one to Lata and Santa Cruz, and the second to Lata and the Reef Islands.
My first warning to anyone going there is to have plenty of extra time, as you are likely to have to wait a week for a plane - they regularly get cancelled. My planned trip this year had to be cancelled as there was no fuel in Santa Cruz, and delaying to the next flight would not have allowed me to get back in time to fly back to Australia.
I stayed with friends in the Reef Islands in their village, and as we had the use of the Mothers Union boat and driver, we could travel around the islands, and sightsee. There is a resort at Pigeon Island, which has been owned by an expat family now for 2 generations.
On the way back (3 hours by open boat), we had to ditch all our nambo (dried breadfruit) as the seas were so rough. The only landmark most of the way is the smoke from Tinakula.
However, the islands are beautiful, and worth the adventure getting there.
If anyone would like more information, contact me (Helen) on the email on the Lau Lagoon homestay under Malaita.
Wharf at Lata

Guest House in Lata

Robert writes: I worked in Temotu as a VSA (NZ) volunteer and can recommend the island for a visit. The people are very friendly, there is a guest house (tdalata@solomon.com.sb for a booking or +(677) 53145 - they do speak english). The food is basic as are the facilities but it is worth the trip. Don't go by boat unless you are experienced in Pacific Island ferry travel. If you go by plane (two flights a week -Wednesday and Saturday) don't be surprised if you can't get out when you want to. Relax you are in the Solomon Islands. Enjoy a way of life that is disappearing very quickly.