My favourite place in Solomon Islands is Tetepare. It is the largest uninhabited island in the South Pacific and is a fantastic place to go for 4 days or more. Not only does Tetepare have the most beautiful reefs for snorkelling, it is home to dugongs, leatherback turtles, salt water crocodiles and turtles…and you can see them all. If you pick the right time of year, you can camp out on the beaches with the rangers and watch leatherback turtles nesting. You can also assist the rangers in their activities: tagging turtles, monitoring nesting turtlebacks and monitoring coconut crabs. There is certainly no shortage of wildlife or creepy-crawlies on the island and you are guaranteed to see snakes, rare birds, centipedes, goannas and scorpions. It’s quite an experience. There are walks (from 2 hours - 8 hours) that you can do all over the island as well as plenty of snorkelling.

The crew at Tetepare are friendly and extremely accommodating. They have plenty of stories to share about Tetepare and the visitors they have there.

The food is spectacular: lentils, fish cakes, coconut-rice pudding, banana cake… Tetepare has it all. If you bring lentils, the ladies will soak them and make a scrumptious dahl. Accommodation is good. It costs $250SBD per night with all meals and a personal ranger included. The transfer is $1000SBD per trip…which is the killer, however, the greater the number the cheaper the transfer. I was lucky to share the transfer with 4 people, so it was quite reasonable. You can either fly into Munda or Seghe.

Check out the website on: Contact Tetepare by phone: 62163 or email:
Shhhhhh – don’t tell too many people about this secret paradise.